Why Your AC Is Not Blowing Cool Air?

AC Is Not Blowing Cool Air

Why Your AC is not blowing cool air? Reasons of AC cool Air problem

It’s a typical inquiry we get notification from Dubai property holders in summer, “For what reason isn’t my aeration and cooling system cooling my home!?” Worried Why Your AC is not blowing cool air?? enable you to investigate this irritating issue. To do that, we have to pose a couple of inquiries to help pinpoint the reason for the issue.

Our inquires

So our first inquiry is…

Is air leaving the supply vents, yet it’s simply not frosty?

In the event that no air is leaving your supply vents by any means, skip to the second inquiry. On the off chance that you replied “yes” to this inquiry, take after these means:

1) Check the indoor regulator fan setting—Does your ventilation system run cool air in some cases yet hot air different circumstances? Ensure the fan setting is set to “auto” not “on”, which will make your AC blow air regardless of whether it’s not being cooled.

2) Check your air channel—If the air leaving the supply vents is powerless and not extremely cool, verify whether the air channel is messy and transform it if important. A grimy air channel squares wind current to the air handler. Out of air channels? Here’s our guide on choosing the comfortable channel.

3) Check the outside AC unit—Is the outside unit shrouded in soil, clean or grass? Clean it. Is it being cover by a tree limb or shrub? Trim them back to give the outside unit breathing room. Is the outside fan not working? An expert needs to settle it. Generally the outside unit can’t chill off refrigerant to cool your home’s air.

On the off chance that none of these helped, your AC might be low on refrigerant. Be that as it may, this is caused by a refrigerant break, which you’ll require an expert’s assistance to discover and settle.

Is your aeration and cooling system not blowing any air?

In the event that no air is getting through your supply vents and the AC unit isn’t working in any way, take after these means:

1) Temperature

Check your indoor regulator temperature—Make beyond any doubt you’ve set the temperature setting no less than 5 degrees beneath your room temperature.

2) Regulator Setting

Make beyond any doubt the indoor regulator is set to “Cool”— Seems basic, however you never know whether one of your relatives (or the pooch) unintentionally set it to “Off” or “Warmth” coincidentally.

3) Air Filter

Check the air channel—If an air channel gets excessively messy, it will totally square wind current and stop within unit. Change the air channel if it’s filthy. Out of air channels? Here’s our guide on choosing the comfortable channel.

4) Power

Check that power is setting off to your ventilation system—This implies checking administration switches that are:

  • By the compressor in the outside AC unit
  • At the air handler in within AC unit (This is ordinarily where your heater is)
  • At wires or circuit breakers in the electrical board

On the off chance that any changes are set to “off”, at that point there might be an issue with your aeration and cooling system.

For instance, an AC with a dilute sensor switch will close on the off chance that it has a stopped up condensate deplete line and water spills into a flood container. Long story short, this implies the your AC close down to avert water harm to your home.

In short

Likewise, your AC may likewise be overheating, making the aeration and cooling system pull in more power than the electrical switch can deal with. So the electrical switch slices energy to your AC. In the event that the electrical switch continues cutting force after your AC keeps running for a little while, don’t disregard it. It’s attempting to reveal to you something isn’t right.